03  July  2017

Invited by The Academy

Two former students, sound designer Peter Albrechtsen and director Martin Zandvliet, have been invited by The Academy to become new voting members. We talked to sound designer Peter Albrechtsen about his prominent invitation.

As part of an on-going effort to create more diversity in terms of gender, colour and nationality, The Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences, who grants the Oscar each year, has sent 774 new invitations to filmmakers around the world.

Two of the invited filmmakers this year are former students at the European Film College, sound designer Peter Albrechtsen and director Martin Zandvliet. This means that they get to vote for the Oscars. We talked to sound designer and former student Peter Albrechtsen about being invited.

Can you tell us something about how you got the invite?

‘The process of becoming a member has actually been pretty long. About a year ago I was contacted by Christopher Nolan’s sound designer, Richard King, who wanted to invite me into The Academy, because they wanted more international filmmakers. He’d seen some of the films I’ve made and among others he was a fan of ‘The Idealist’. He told me to gather some recommendations from people I worked with, The Academy has looked through my filmography, and Richard King and another sound designer from Hollywood advocated my case to The Academy’s sound branch. And apparently they did it really well.

Ever since being a student at the European Film College I have loved that filmmaking could be international collaboration. The film language is a language that can stand alone across borders, and at the same time different film cultures can influence each other. By now I make almost just as many foreign films as Danish films. Just this year I have done three American films, where two of them were mixed at Skywalker Ranch, which for me as a ‘film sound geek’ was a dream come true. And of course this means that I know more and more American filmmakers, which also means that The Academy was more aware of my work.'

How does it feel to be invited?

‘It is a huge honour. I am very overwhelmed. I’ve had so many congratulations from far and near, also from some of the sound designers that I look up to the most, which is unbelievable. It’s really something when skilled colleagues and peers that you have a deep respect for point out your work.’