24  March  2017

16 Final Films Are Ready for Production

After an intense process of project development and pitching, 16 final films have been commissioned for production at The European Film. The films include both documentaries, fiction – and animation films.

By Jakob Langkjær

Big Bear Cinema was bursting with excitement last Friday when principal Nadia Kløvedal Reich approached the stage to announce to the students which projects have been selected to go into production during the last months of the school year at The European Film College.

Intense Process

The selection process has been long and intense. In February the students submitted a total of 38 proposals for consideration. Later, acknowledged British TV-writer Brian McGill visited the school to give a workshop on how to successfully pitch a film project. With his insights and advice in mind, the students were ready to pitch their projects to principal Nadia Kløvedal Reich and acclaimed Danish director Birgitte Stærmose. To begin with, the proposals were cut down to 25, giving the selected crews another chance to pull their proposals thorough. In the last round of pitching, the students were to show the ability to develop their projects and make them grow. Finally, 16 films were selected.

High Ambitions and Untamed Creativity

Principal Nadia Kløvedal Reich says about selection process:

“The final film-proposals this year were as usual full of untamed creativity. We didn’t see as many crazy ideas as previous years, but a lot of drama stories rooted in emotional and social subjects. The students are ambitious and we will see animation films, historical pieces, films with a comedy twist, and a film driven by political indignation. The students will be busy if they are to fulfil their high ambitions. I am looking forward to see the result of their hard work.”

Big Gala Premiere

Just before the students leave the school in the beginning of May, all final films will be screened at a Gala event in Big Bear Cinema. Before this, intense and exciting times of filmmaking lie ahead of the students.