14  March  2017

Students Reflect on Life After EFC at Future Days

The school year at The European Film College is slowly coming to an end. The classes have all ended and next week the students start filming their final productions. The week in between, the so-called Future Days, is for the students to reflect on what the future holds for them. Are they interested in continuing the path into the film business? If they are, there are plenty of opportunities to consider.

A varied slice of these opportunities are presented to the students during the Future Days. Here the students of The European Film College get a chance to meet a long line of film institutions who will give them a taste of what they each have to offer, as well as film professionals who will share their insights of the business. This year our Future Days-guests are; Brazilian producer working in Berlin Fred Burle, the film schools 18Frames from Fyn and Super 16 from Aarhus as well as the Danish Film School, Danish production companies Zentropa and Profile Pictures, British documentary filmmaker working in Berlin John Burgan, head of development at Creative Industries Federation of UK Jason Jones-Hall, Mette Damgaard Sørensen from The Danish Film Institute, Bart Röhmer from Netherlands Film Academy and Arne Sommer from Schleswig-Holstein Film.

Plenty of opportunities means pitfalls as well and the students need to be careful that they make healthy decisions for themselves when entering into the film business. That is why our guest speakers will also be discussing issues such as the pro and cons of internships among others.
Big Bear Cinema at European Film College