25  February  2017

The Students Create Collective Art Project About Fake News

Each year in February the students of The European Film College take a break from the film curriculum to engage in a collective art project. This year the students have been working with video art under the theme “The Art of Fake News”.

By Jakob Langkjær

Donald Trump’s presidential victory has notoriously been explained by the rise of fake news spread through social media. Yet the art of faking the real is by far a new one. The students have examined the phenomenon historically through classic mockumentaries (mock-documentaries), while also trying out the genre for themselves.

At the same time, the students have been working with video art, but within a concept that also investigates the real and the fake: They have created their video art pieces as if they were works of a fictional artist named Casey Johansen (see photo). The artist is an amalgamation of all the students that have been working on the project and is therefore neither woman or man. The Art Week will end with an exhibition showcasing the work of Casey Johansen on Sunday.

Kimonos Art Center

This year’s Art Week is created in cooperation with Kimonos Art Center – a collective of Cypriote artists working with a broad selection of different crafts and techniques: Printmaking, painting, drawing, photography, animation and cementography among others. They are situated in Paphos – a small coastal city in Cyprus.

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