Student Guidance

A stay at the European Film College will help you make an educated decision about your choice of education - whether you wish to pursue a career within film, TV, the media business or you choose something completely different.

The teaching is planned in such a way that you will have the opportunity to test yourself in many different areas during the 34 weeks of the program.

All the teachers in the different topics are available for guidance within their specialty just as they will advise on educational choices within their individual fields during the whole program.

On a regular basis the team teachers have consultations with their students - one hour for each student according to arrangement. During this hour the teacher and student will discuss individual subjects, further education or personal development according to the student's wishes.

During the last 2 months of the program the college will arrange for visits from guest teachers from relevant further places of study. These guest teachers will hold lectures and answer questions concerning studies and careers. A number of the guest teachers will be former students. Relevant places of study could be:

  • The Danish Film School
  • International film schools
  • University film- and media lines
  • Super8 or Super16 (Danish film schools)
  • Photo journalism schools
  • Different production companies
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