EFC School Council

Do you wish to be more involved in the work at EFC?

The EFC School council is for everyone who feels connected to the school and wish to support our overall strategy and values.

Anyone with a connection to EFC, whether you are a company or a person, can apply to become a member of our School Council. 

As a member of our School Council, you are invited to take part in our annual General Assembly, and you will be able to vote in the election of the EFC Board.

Members of the school council will furthermore receive 4 annual news letters and will be invited to certain lectures when possible. 

Acceptance criteria

The criteria for being accepted as a member of the EFC School Council are:

- a certain connection to EFC (local company, citizen of Ebeltoft, former student/staff member etc.)

- a willingness to contribute to and support the running of the school and our financial maintenance

- a support of our core values

Fee and how to apply

The annual fee for being a member of our School Council is DKK 100 (DKK 500 if you are a company)

If you wish to apply for a membership, please write to this email. 

The school council accepts new members all through the year. 

Requests for membership will generally be processed at the next ordinary board meeting. If your request is denied, the matter can be brought before the general assembly.

Minutes from latest General Assembly -  April 2023:

READ HERE (in Danish)

Short summary of latest board meeting - November 2023

READ HERE (in Danish)