EFC rules

Overall rules

At European Film College, we want to create an environment where students and staff feel safe and included, and where any unacceptable and negative behaviour is handled. Therefore, we have a set of rules and procedures. All students and employees are made aware of these rules.

- We have no tolerance for harassment or bullying.

- Sexual relationships between students and teachers/staff are not acceptable.

- We treat everyone as equal human beings, no matter religion, ethnicity, social background, sexuality and gender identity, and we have no tolerance for discrimination. 

- All morning assemblies, classes, workshops, lectures, and faculty screenings are mandatory. 

- Sexual relations between students must be consensual as defined by Danish law.

- We do not accept the use of illegal drugs.

- Alcohol is not allowed on weekdays, we advise against heavy drinking, and we encourage activities that does not involve alcohol.

EFCs Code of Conduct May 2021

Developed by students, teachers and staff.

Read here.

What to do?

Below you can read what the options are, if a student or employee at European Film College experience bullying, harassment, discrimination or other negative acts.

1. Inform the alleged harasser that the conduct is unwanted and unwelcome. IF possible.

However, harassment, bullying or negative acts may occur in unequal relationships and it may not be possible for the victim to speak up and inform the alleged harasser.

2. If informing the alleged harasser is not possible or ineffective, the student / employee has following options:

- Go to the Principal (or a member of staff)
- Contact the psychologist in EFCs Go-To arrangement (this will be handled with absolute confidentiality by the psychologist)

- Contact your Team Teacher

- Use an external complaint or counselling mechanism, for instance Aarhus Center for Sexual Assault - or other hot lines in Denmark (list of numbers at the dorm and in the office)

All complaints of harassment, bullying or negative acts will be taken seriously and treated with respect and in confidence.